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Prince, la nouvelle vidéo de Mary Don’t You Weep

« The system is broken. It’s going to take the young people to fix it this time. We need new ideas, new life… » Prince

Le Prince Estate vient de mettre en ligne un nouveau clip pour illustrer le spiritual Mary Don’t You Weep chanté par Prince dans “Piano & A Microphone 1983”, qui sera dans les bacs demain, vendredi 21 septembre. Voici le message diffusé avec le clip réalisé par Salomon Ligthelm sur YouTube : « The messaging in this video links thematically to Prince’s past activist work in Baltimore in 2015 and the resulting riots that ensued in the city and beyond. That year, Prince released a protest song titled Baltimore – along with an accompanying documentary style video – directed squarely at the need for more compassion and peace, an ever-present theme he echoed through his career. The “Baltimore” video ends with the above quote, which Prince delivered during an impassioned speech at his 2015 Rally 4 Peace concert.
The video of
Mary don’t You Weep begins with that same quote, a symbolic reminder underscoring Prince’s earlier messaging and a timely reflection on the need for positive change. Directed by filmmaker, Salomon Ligthelm through Stink Films, and shot in New York City, the video pays tribute to the scores of teens and children affected by gun-related violence every year in the USA. »